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Where YOU at?

South Korea, '97; third soldier on bottom row

In the field again, S.Korea '97 (far left)

Goin' Postal, 2003

At Hooters in 2000

The Fam' Four; with my Mother Terry, sister Angela, brother August. December 2003.

My 1st Album, Raw, contains 12 back-breakin' tracks. For a limited edition copy, email me!

Top: My brother, August with BJ Bottom: BJ with me

Striking a pose at Rap Pages Magazine headquarters, 2000

My 2nd album, No Gravity, got me an article in Rap Pages Magazine, and a small fan base nationwide. For ordering info go

At Rap Pages Headquarters with an associate, 2000

Actin like a foolish Buddhist???

TOP: Iggy, Young Steele BOTTOM: Nomad, A.W.O.L.

With Babydoll (my ex-fiance') 2001, inspired the song, "Sex, Lies, & Sacrifice"

How did I survive this car wreck in 1998? Praise God!!!

Live on the M-I-C at a Grad Party

With my cousin, Kristen Mann of the WNBA's Minnesota Linx--What!!!

Rep Yo City, born & raised!


Putting in some Overtime with Paramount Princess, Lorena Hildalgo, 2004

Stayin' on top of thangs, LBC 2004


Posing with my sister Angela, and my brother August, December 2002.

A night on da town, LBC 2004


Just finished the Manchu 25-mile roadmarch, S.Korea 1997, temperature: 30 degrees


MJ on the run to Never Never Land!

G'd up from the feet up in Vegas for Halloween 2003; Pimps up Ho's down!

The Janet Lisa? or the Mona Jackson?

And you wonder why we're getting screwed over?