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was born Brian Daniel Newberry on January 27, 1978 in Lakewood, California. He was raised in the city of Bellflower (which he stills rep's), which borders Long Beach, Norwalk, Downey, Paramount, and Lakewood. He served in the U.S. Army from 1996-99, as an Artillery Forward Observer. His first album Stepdaddy; Raw was recorded in Colorado Springs, Colorado, and was produced by Base Jase for Illynoise Records in 1999. His second album Stepdaddy; No Gravity was also produced by Base Jase and made a lil' noise in 2000. Stepdaddy networked his way into Rap Pages Magazine, in an article in the 'Rising Stars' section, titled "Nobody Can Hold Him Down." After working with several artists and managers in a frustrating music busniness, Step decided to put off recording until he could come up with a master plan, and surround himself with trustworthy affiliates. In the meantime, he was working for the Post Office (he still does), and was continually studying the things of God and his Son, Jesus Christ. His third album, Life Sentence is about the transformation from being a sinner into a soldier of God, and the trials and tribulations that comes with it in life. Brian currently owns a condo in Downtown Long Beach, and is a mailman for the U.S. Postal Service in the city of Paramount. He is single, with no kids, and lots of bills. His other passions in life are sports, politics, philosophy, and enjoying the blessings of God.



art imitating life, in the perception of the artist. An artist should be free to express himself (or herself) as he wishes. It is up to the listener if the art is worth listening to, but the art itself should not be labeled as good or bad overall because it is what it is: an individual perception on reality or a fantasy. Lyricism and poetry is within the music, and music is entertainment just like movies, literature, and other artwork. It is to entertain the mind/soul.

Other Artists of LIFE SENTENCE:

LIFE SENTENCE was recorded and mixed by RED for Redcore records. RED is a talented engineer with a great future ahead of him. My lil' crew of lyricists is called T.R.U.E.S., which stands for: The Rawest U Ever Saw. It includes Morgo the Only Child, Nomad, as well as Big Sloan & Mista Fro from The Squadron. Morgo is on 3 tracks on this album. Some of us have been homies since the early 90's, so we are really tight. Celebrity appears on the song, "Sprain Yo Neck." Celeb has worked with artists like DJ Quik, Method Man, Redman, Hot Carl, among others. J-Splash is another long-time homeboy of mine. He is featured on "Sex, Lies, and Sacrifice", singing on the melodic chorus. J-Splash is an R&B singer and producer, currently living in Las Vegas. Nine of the album's tracks were produced by Kai Mackey, who has worked with a variety of artists such as Korn. He has also done a soundtrack for a future MTV show called "Toys."  His guitar samples, unique drum tracks, and awesome kick drums are his trademark for his bangin' beats. Another four tracks were produced by Provoke, who also raps under the name Bad Wayz. His dark strings, and heavy 808 kick drums provide a street sound that vibrates the concrete while bumping his tracks in your ride. The other four tracks are produced by Mr. E Beatz, who prefers to stay unknown for legal reasons. He produced the hit single, "Devil in a Blue Thong."  Watch out for us!!! We are on a come up!!!


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